KJ and DJ Life - 9 Essential Karaoke Issues.

Every once in a while someone comes up to me when I am working as a KJ or as a DJ and they ask "how do you do it?" which is usually followed by the statement "I couldn't deal with what you have to!" Well, here it is folks, a listing of the things, that after years of working as a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) and DJ (Disc Jockey), make me a little crazy along with some do's and don'ts and all sorts of other related goodness.  Let's start with 9 essential Karaoke issues shall we. 

Strings of My Heart

Strings of my Heart is scheduled to be my first album release, and it WAS scheduled for April, but life is never certain and it is almost certainly unpredictable.  I've been a journey to produce and distribute my own music for some time.

Robinhood Spring Faire

New York Renaissance Faire

Vermont Renaissance Faire


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